Fragrances inspired by aromatherapy, to entice the senses and inspire moods. Every one of our candles are made with natural soy wax and pure cotton wicks.  –  At the heart of every Hayley Marie Mood Candle, is the person who is destined to light it.

Take your mind on a journey
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Dive deep into our four exclusive perfume fragrances

Packaged With Love

The Perfect Gift

Made With Purpose

Our collection of perfume inspired scents are designed to inspire moods and perfectly complement your environment. We’ve carefully fused selected perfume notes into our Radiant, Tranquil, Focus and Slumber ranges to ensure there’s a Hayley Marie Mood Candle for any space, any mood.

The Wanderlust Must Have
Candle Travel Tin
Turn any space in the world, into your own personal sanctuary.
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Take care of your mind
Perfume Infused Candles
Provide the perfect atmosphere to induce calm and sense of well -being
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Reed Diffusers
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Handmade With Purpose

Behind Every Maker Is A Story

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